Brazilian Waxing, Body, Leg Waxing Seminole, Clearwater, St. Pete and Tampa

If you are seeking you legs to be waxed… My advice is to call Karen Marlise at 727-512-4335. She has been doing Brazilian waxing, leg waxing, back waxing, and leg waxing for the longest time since 1982 and uses the highest grade product possible. Karen is a register Nufree Salon for many years as a highly experienced body waxier. Karen works evenings and weekends for all the men and woman that work a nine to 5. You get the appointment you want when you want it. Which in layman’s terms is you are safe to get an affordable, sanitary job and done right? Hairs won’t be broken at the skin line and zero risks of cross-contamination. Remember wax is kept in a warm burner. Karen has many years of training in sanitation and sterilization. Karen’s Body Waxing clinic is very clean and fresh linen after each person is applied.

Always using new application tool and Nufree has an antibacterial agent in the wax to ensure safety and health. It is a supervisor product by far. I have used them all from the wholesale beauty suppliers and always run right back to Nufree.

Leg waxing is still sought after because of cost. But, at Karen Marlise’s business, many women and men go to laser hair removal instead of a life of waxing after learning how affordable laser hair removal can be in the long run and never have to grow hair in again.

That is not an option if you do the sun regularly though. So the choice is yours I only try to help you in any way I can.


About karenm1

I am a Master Permanent Cosmetic Artist and Instructor. I am a National Board Certified Laser hair removal specialist..and Medical Electrologist. I am a great Cosmetologist who does a lot of different services.
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